dimanche 17 mars 2013

Orchid Ark in Thailand, Chiang Mai


Very interesting information about orchids... how to grow, about food etc.
Maybe Swannjie should go visit

Taiwan Orchid show


bought 2 orchids, one white, one light green.

the white one is medium size, not miniature
the green one has medium size flowers, 5 and 4 flowers on 2 stems.
the white one is classic10 flowers
both in transparent plastic holders/pots

Green one:
has only one leave, but and moss, but i see roots healthy in the pot

White one:
has standard cluster of leaves, and roots from the top and visible in the bottom, very healthy plant, says the vendor

For some reason, when i see his plants, i think these are the ones i want to get.
i got two from this vendor

They are a pleasure to have on my desk.

mercredi 21 avril 2010

Maria Tupay Duque brought me 8 cubes! for the new HH mh house, starting from April 10th, 2010

Maria Tupa Duque's frames. 24 frames = 8 cubes, (Cube no. 34 to 42)
Maria brought aluminum skins from Austria. In Vienna, people are very recycling conscious, so I have all these beautiful skins from Austria for the HuaHui Mobile House thanks to Maria.

mercredi 17 février 2010

花魁 HuaHui Room, Venice, Italy; cube no 100


花魁 HuaHui cube no 100

temporary url

color field meets comic

花魁 HuaHui Room, Venice, Italy; cube no 099

花魁 HuaHui cube no 099


BBC Kakapo trying to mate w a human

Kakapo parrots - endangered species of non flight parrots, really cute green fat birds.
only 123 in the world, up from 63 ten years ago... from New Zealand.

花魁 HuaHui Room, Venice, Italy; cube no 098

花魁 HuaHui cube no 098

Jill taylor's story about her brain

花魁 HuaHui Room, Venice, Italy; cube no 097

花魁 HuaHui cube no 097

Making film using your own video camera... Jessica Sanders award winning video