lundi 25 mai 2009

How to make the frames : Construction Detail 10 photos


Aluminum skin of 6 cans (softdrink size 330ml)

1/ rectangle pieces folded into right angle pieces
2/ assembled into corners, stapled together

3/ the four corners assembled into one cube

1 beer can will be cut into 4 rectangular pieces.
Takes 3 beer cans to make one cube (approx 11cm3)
1 softdrink can will be cut into 2 rectangular pieces
Takes 6 softdrink cans to make one cube (approx 11cm3)

Sign your name on lower corner of a frame, put 6 frames (for a cube) in an envelope, you could also make your envelope into MailArt - add self expression, write address, put stamp, seal envelope, into mail box, done!

Let me know that you are ready!
Send me a message with your name/city/country;
or, IM Swann Jie in Secondlife