mardi 23 juin 2009

Rec'd two by WangXiang, Paris, France

WangXiangs cube ready to be assembled.


vendredi 12 juin 2009

rec'd one cube Japan by Aquito

Aquitos cube!

cubes coming in, and the captain looking on real life work ...

mardi 9 juin 2009

New version, slim and trim : rec'd Sushimetal 2 cubes

This is the new way to make the cube, step by step from can to cube - here:
It is simple, strong, light weight, and you can see inside - where the can came from!

People who have not made the cube, please follow this latest model !
People who have already made it the older way, thats great, send it as is!

Aluminum skin of 6 cans (softdrink size 330ml)

Building the International HuaHui House

Put 12 rectangles aluminum pieces like in the picture above in an envelope
and mail it to me.
I will assemble them into cubes.

Or, you could assemble them yourself as shown in picture, and mail me the finished cubes.

1/ rectangle pieces folded into right angle pieces
2/ assembled into corners, stapled together

3/ the four corners assembled into one cube

I received two cubes from Sushimetal today! Here are his 2 cubes!

Received from Japan, Sushimetal 2 cubes! Using the "Strip Assemblage" method, thanks! Sushimetal.

vendredi 5 juin 2009

Simple cube "slim and trim" version

Detail of a single layer aluminum skin

HuaHui cube
, minimum material, optimum strength, and simple construction.
A slim and trim construction version.

The first version with pearl inside is the "rococo" version
2 Cubes with "eye" (Rococo)
Then we had the "patch work" craft version
This is the slim and trim "no non-sense" version.

After we played around with what we have, the slim and trim version is a good choice for our upcoming exhibition purpose.