mardi 9 juin 2009

New version, slim and trim : rec'd Sushimetal 2 cubes

This is the new way to make the cube, step by step from can to cube - here:
It is simple, strong, light weight, and you can see inside - where the can came from!

People who have not made the cube, please follow this latest model !
People who have already made it the older way, thats great, send it as is!

Aluminum skin of 6 cans (softdrink size 330ml)

Building the International HuaHui House

Put 12 rectangles aluminum pieces like in the picture above in an envelope
and mail it to me.
I will assemble them into cubes.

Or, you could assemble them yourself as shown in picture, and mail me the finished cubes.

1/ rectangle pieces folded into right angle pieces
2/ assembled into corners, stapled together

3/ the four corners assembled into one cube

I received two cubes from Sushimetal today! Here are his 2 cubes!

Received from Japan, Sushimetal 2 cubes! Using the "Strip Assemblage" method, thanks! Sushimetal.

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