lundi 20 avril 2009

HuaHui House detail, Mail Art : HuaHui House via postal service

Sample of finished new "slim and trim" version :

Aluminum skin of 6 cans (softdrink size 330ml)

1/ rectangle pieces folded into right angle pieces
2/ assembled into corners, stapled together

3/ four corners assembled into one cube

Assemble as picture, make 6 frames, put into an envelope.
Send me a message here, I will assign a cube for your submission,and give you the address to send to. You send it to the address. All nice envelopes will be kept for a parallel "Mail Art : HuaHui House through postal service" show at the same time as the HuaHui MagicCube House event.

Dont forget to sign your name and date, on one frame/cube, lower right hand corner.
A list of all creators will be posted on site of the international collaborative HuaHui Magic Cube House. All welcome to the opening Garden Party event!

An entire HuaHui House would have been mailed through envelopes to be assembled on site.

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