lundi 20 avril 2009


close up of a cube in color, the real life version would be silver aluminum skin

An overall view of a silver aluminum HuaHui MagicCube House

Want to participate in the building of the HuaHuiMagicCube House?

Bambam - creator of the consistently widely admired fun and sexy Beanbag chair - says if I do have a venue, people would make the cubes. If no venue in view, people have less incentive.


We will have an international MagicCube House built by people from all over the world, it will be exhibited under a big tree in a French 18th century park in a pretty town just 5mn outside of Paris. So here is the first venue of our HuaHui Magic Cube House. Garden party and musical event in the domaine garden under a big tree Here..

We will need 3200 cubes.


1/Gather 6 beer cans, size 500ml,
2/Take each can, cut off the top and the bottom
3/transform can into "skin" : make one cut from top to bottom -
4/flatten out the can into a squarish/rectangular sheet of aluminum
5/use ordinary large scissors, cut the sheet into 4 equal width strips
6/now you have 4 round ring of paper thin aluminum skin (like skin off an eel)
7/fold each ring into half, so you have a "V" shape strip on edge. You should have 4 "V" shape strips.
8/place the 4 "V" shaped pieces flat, and assemble them into a square frame.

< (folded edge loop faces left)
^ (folded edge loop faces up)
> (folded edge loop faces right)
v (folded edge loop faces down)

All ends pushed inside loop, no exposed edge.
Finished form is a square frame of 11cm2.

9/push the open end into the loop end: open into loop, open into loop, etc
10/ now you should have a square frame.
Measure each side, should be around 11cm
Try to make it as close to 11cm2 as possible; +/- a few mm is ok.
11/Staple each corner and secure the frame
12/ do the same for each can; so you should have 6 square frames with a square hole in the centre.
13/ sign your name if you like at the bottom right hand corner of ONE of the frame. (One signature per cube)
14/put the 6 frames into an evelope and mail it to me. Its more cost effective to send a flat object, and storage for pre-assemblage stage; please send your cubes in 6 loose frames in an envelope. Its easier to manage at this end until the assembly phase kicks into place.

A list of Cubes is put up here, once a person has finished one, and sends me green light that its done; just give me your name and I will put your name onto the Cube to indicate that the specific cube has been completed.

15/ if the envelope is itself a pretty object with stamps your creative design etc, they will be displayed as a parallel paper art: "MagicCube Mail Art" collective for the MagicCube House exhibition.
16/ Exhibition will be held when the House will be completed. The sooner we get all the cubes, the sooner it will be exhibited.
17/ Artists will be invited to visit the installation for a garden party and mini music festival when completed.

You can submit as many cubes as you like, but only one signature per cube. (dont scribble all over the cube! )

Where to send your cubes?

Put your contact in commentary. I will give you your "cube no. and ID", and the address to send to via email.

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